What’s even better than proportional voting?

Local democracy, that’s what

Mansion tax grab from Westminster Council

National politicians plan a raid on City of Westminster’s tax base

Reforming Westminster’s council tax

Westminster, 200 years ago the only ‘reformed borough’, could again be at the forefront of British political change

Land Value Tax: any Local Authority can impose it

The Localism Act (2011) allows Local Authorities in England to collect and spend Land Value Tax by modifying Council Tax. Land Value Tax has wide cross-party support and England is almost alone among developed countries in not using it.

How devolving power saved Britain, 1871

Local Authorities now have the power and responsibility to levy taxes that promote public health by improving the environment. Medical professionals believe this will save the NHS money by preventing illness.

Land Value Tax: Why wait longer?

The UK would benefit from LVT more than any other country. It will bring prosperity of all types: material, environmental, and welfare. It’s comparable to the Victorian slum clearance program in its effects on society