Bank of England discovers False GDP

Monetary Policy Committee member Martin Weale has leaked the fact that GDP in 2012 was 4% larger than previously reported. This ‘discovery’ comes too late to make austerity unnecessary but in good time for the feelgood factor to affect the Scotland referendum.

World Bank: Reducing emissions could add 2.2% to GDP

The Climate Works Foundation & World Bank report reveals that GDP growth does not depend on increasing consumption of raw materials

False GDP statistics slow growth, waste resources

Short-term GDP figures are biased and encourage usage of resources rather than increases in financial prosperity

UK economy growing, UK parliament flatlining

The UK government and opposition have been flatlining for 3 years while the economy has been booming

Big environmental vote in the May 2013 English elections

Environmentalist candidates may gain votes in the 35 local elections to take place on 2 May 2013 if they publicise the little-known Growth and Infrastructure Bill.

£50 bn of life support for the “old economy”

“Steel and Concrete Growth at All Costs” Bill will make it easier to build over footpaths and village greens

Was there a ‘double dip’ recession?

The recession was probably over in 2009, before the present government came to power

‘Zombie’ firms: coming or going?

‘Zombie’ is used to describe a firm with low productivity, and there are an increasing number of them. But are all of them headed for the knacker’s yard, or is their proliferation a healthy sign of reduced barriers to entry?

New study confirms that UK GDP calculation understates growth 2010-11-12

UK economic growth has been underestimated, a team of economists from London University confirms. Remember, you heard it here first!

Solving the Productivity Puzzle

‘Labour productivity’ – units of calculated GDP per labour hour – is falling. Is the UK private sector broken? No, ‘False GDP’ is.

Welcome to the mature economy

Business leaders, unlike politicians, do not always prioritise top-line growth. Do they know something that politicians don’t know?